Tao Steps is committed to value based sustainability, whose vision for the planet is an alignment with environment and social justice without compromising a person’s values in the workplace. Our background is in environmental management, industrial hygiene, safety, occupational health, risk management and sustainable development with years of experience in the corporate sector across industries. We seek to be agents of transformation through innovation and creativity in our approach to search for more appropriate ways to meet our clients’ needs by translating and integrating the concepts of sustainability into workable solutions.


Business today is under world-wide pressure to play a broader role in society and in business practices, which are more sustainable. Business strategy and their behavior are increasingly shaped by issues such as the impact of their operations on society, communities and the environment in which they operate (their supply chain). The increasing influence of the public on business today determines the way they perform as a whole (not only financially). Civil society and shareholder activism has pressurized business today to improve labour and environmental standards which contribute to the change in their business strategy. Customers and stakeholders are demanding business today to be an accountable and responsible citizen of society, who is beyond compliance and shareholder satisfaction with solid financial performance. This strategic objective needs to be effectively implemented on operational decision-making level to be successful and deliver fruitful results.

The business environment has to respond to public interest by reporting on social & environmental performance and supply innovative products and services to address public concerns like energy use, resource depletion, pollution and the impact on community. These are key pressures (outside the financial pressures), which force business to be more transparent, which has made this more global then ever before with the available technology (information distribution via internet) of today. Business today is increasingly being held accountable to manage its operations in a manner that will enhance economic development, ensure environmental protection and promote social justice and the respective reporting is an increasingly important means to determine if and how a business is seriously engaged in the transition to sustainable development.

To support economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability in a holistic manner and provide maximum benefit, business must integrate this into the core strategy, policy, activity and decision making of business by embedding not only the law, but also the international standards into their day-to-day business activities. The critical component is a solid, standardized operational business process based on respected accountable management systems, which provides integrated information for the business performance on all levels of the organization.

To move to a sustainable competitive advantage, information about social, environmental and economic performance needs to flow between all role players in the supply chain. Performance Indicators are an important mechanism to obtain and communicate this information. These indicators are used to measure business performance and develop future performance targets and provide objective benchmarks for comparison purposes.
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